About Us

Welcome to Divine Walls

We're glad you’ve come to learn a little more about us

Divine Walls is a tight-knit team, brought together by the desire to create beautiful, meaningful decorations for your home, office, or vehicle, based on or inspired by the word of God. We see this venture as a way to help people express their faith and improve the quality of their lives with appealing, tasteful decorations and inspiring phrases.

We are extremely proud that our wall decals are featured in the homes of so many families across the country, and that they serve as a reminder of the things that give our lives meaning. We hope you will take this opportunity to look through the various decorations we provide, and choose something that will inspire you with Christ’s love and wisdom.


As you can see, our customers have used our decals in myriad ways. For us, the best part of working at Divine Walls is seeing how our pieces are used. Our customers are the key to our success. We look forward to helping you find the perfect decal for your home, office, or church.

Please see our designs page to find examples of our custom crafted Christian decals, suited for virtually any purpose. If you can’t find exactly what you need, we also provide customized and original design work to produce exactly the right decoration for you and your home.