Frequently Asked Questions

Do the colors displayed on your website accurately depict the colors of the decals?

We do use an actual color sample from the manufacturer to produce the picture, and we take every effort to display it accurately. However, every computer monitor is different, and unfortunately there are sometimes discrepancies. If you aren’t sure, we will be happy to ship you a free color sample to be certain it suits your needs.

Where are your decals manufactured?

All Divine Walls products are produced in the USA. We source our vinyl and paper products domestically, and every order is hand crafted in our local Illinois facility.

Will your wall art crack, peel, fade, or warp?

Our decals are made from the highest quality materials and are approved for outdoor use. Your product will not crack, peel, fade, or warp. If you notice the product degrading, contact our Customer Specialists, and we will be sure to stand behind your purchase.

Can my decal be used in multiple locations?

Our decals are made for one-time use only. The material is extremely thin in order to achieve a hand-painted look on the wall.

Are Divine Walls decals removable?

They certainly are. Simply heat the decal with a blow dryer and it will peel off easily. Removing the decals without applying heat has a minimal chance of damaging your walls.

What types of surfaces can your wall art be applied to?

Our decals can be applied any clean, smooth, and weather-resistant surface. Be sure to remove any grease, stains, or dust from the surface prior to installation. The wall art may not adhere to heavily-textured surfaces, but can adhere to lightly textured walls.

Do you accept international orders?

Yes, we accept international orders. We ship internationally for a $9.99 flat rate price.

I just painted my walls. How long should I wait before applying my new decals?

We recommend that painted surfaces have to dried for 1-2 weeks before applying any decals. This allows time for the surface to completely dry, ensuring the decals to stick properly.

What is your return policy?

Returns are easy. Our Customer Specialists are available by phone or email. Our office is staffed from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM every day of the week. Just use your favorite method to get in touch with us, and we will help you to return your product for a refund.

How will my decal arrive?

The scripture decal will be sent as an entire piece on backing and transfer paper. The final product has no background. The vinyl lettering and images applies directly to the wall. Sending the decal as a single piece makes installation a no hassle process.

How long will a Divine Walls decal last?

Our decals are not intended for permanent application. Depending on the environment in which they are placed, the vinyl can often last for years. Decals applied in temperature controlled indoor settings have an extended life.

Will your decals adhere to wall paper?

The simple answer is yes. However, wallpaper varies widely in quality and texture. If by chance your decal will not cling to the wall paper in your home, please contact our Customer Specialists, we will be sure to find a solution.

What if my decal starts to peel?

If there is a part of your decal separating from the wall, you can use a light touch to bring the piece back to the wall. If it continues you can use a glue stick to reattach it. If all else fails, please notify one of our Customer Specialists, who will be sure to find a proper solution.

How long can I store Divine Walls decals before I need to use them?

We recommend that you use your decals within 90 days of receiving them.